Lady's Choice Burger Kat Mane

Conquer a frenzy of falling lettuce, tomato, onion, meat from the sky. What's more you get bonus points for collecting Lady's Choice Mayo Magic!

Start the game to earn points for the awesome redemptions!

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You have collected the


If you like the burger please give it a star!


is on now!

You have to collect

Oops! The time to collect your deal has ended.

Oh no! Your deal has ended unexpectedly.

Your deal has been ended by the stall owner

You have redeemed your deal from this stall.

As per our policy, all stalls have been automatically closed at 5am

Sorry! The stall is closed.

The Great Burger Hunt begins!

Use Burger Kat Mane and earn great rewards!
Find the hidden Burger Boy on the map.

Tap on him before the stall closes for the day.

Try these other ways to earn rewards:
  • Collect deals from burger stalls
  • Sharing your favourite burgers on Facebook

See your points, rewards and achievements by clicking on The Great Burger Hunt button now.